Introducing Wonk Policy & Communications, LLC

insurance-1991216_1920First, welcome to Wonk Policy & Communications! We’re really excited to be here. Wonk Policy is a boutique, health policy-focused consultancy with a niche for Medicare and aging policy, over a decade communications experience, and a special interest in active transportation advocacy.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘Wonk Policy? That’s an odd name. What’s a wonk anyways?’ A wonk, according to Webster’s Dictionary (and various other online sources), is “1. a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field; 2. a nerdy expert.”

The next thing you’re probably thinking is, ‘What exactly do you do at Wonk Policy?’ We offer an array of services and expertise to help your organization achieve its health policy goals – whether its digging into the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule to pull a set of billing codes for a product, service or condition, or helping your organization craft its comment on a regulation, we’re in the weeds so you don’t have to be. We help organizations develop communications strategies – both long-term and short-term. We offer blog writing services, media training, social media management, and even workshops on a variety of topics. We delve into community development coordination with a holistic mindset: the vitality of a community relies on the health of its residents and vice versa. Access to resources and infrastructure are interconnected with the healthcare system. With that in mind, we work with individuals on active transportation advocacy – from bicycling to walking, combining these with public transit. Our experience working with the government and organizations has resulted in solution-oriented action.

Whether your project is larger or small, we’re looking forward to partnering with your organization. We’re happy to be here.